Our Story

In response to the demand for independent transfer pricing services in the wake of Sarbanes Oxley, Merv Edwards and Dean Morris established an independent transfer pricing consulting firm. Not only was there the demand for independence, but there is an ever increasing demand for a firm that understands and consults on the full transfer pricing process; from the inception of the transfer pricing policy to its defense from tax authorities.

Merv Edwards and Dean Morris, leaders of EMG, have earned unmatched reputation for innovative solutions, fairness and professionalism among their clients. EMG (Edwards Morris Group) provides pragmatic, innovative and efficient solutions to the transfer pricing puzzle. As an entrepreneurial company, EMG understands the importance of market forces and risks and how they affect our client’s business. We believe our independence, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are keys of our successes as transfer pricing experts.

EMG continually strives to not just satisfy, but to exceed our clients’ expectations. This we accomplish by always applying the core values of our culture.  These core values are:

  1. Provide best-in-industry expertise
  2. Offer outstanding responsiveness
  3. Act with uncompromising integrity

Why the Tree?

The ancient Chinese medicine concept of cause and effect is based on the premise that every symptom you see and feel (branches) has an underlying cause (root). The approach taken by EMG follows the root to branch concept. That is, whether we are designing, implementing or documenting transfer pricing policies, we ensure key economic, industry, and company drivers are taken into account. As a result  of our root to branch approach, transfer pricing policies that we consult on are characterized by their:

  • Symmetry with legal structure and framework;
  • Symmetry with financial reporting;
  • Symmetry with customs and duty;
  • Flexibility to adapt to a changing economic and industry environment;
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing company conditions; and
  • Ease of implementation and usage.

Transfer pricing policies that are rooted to business and key principles enables companies to focus on business matters and provide comfort when reviewed by a tax authority.